800 suspected Boko Haram set to go on trial


The Federal Government is set to commence the trial of 800 suspects linked to Islamist terror group, Boko Haram.

Deputy Director, Prosecution and Head of Complex Casework Group, Federal Ministry of Justice, Ms Chioma Onuegbu, stated this in Abuja during a media engagement by WAYAMO foundation on networking for justice and accountability, a German based non profit organisation.

She said out of 1,000 case files reviewed, 280 had been filed at the Federal High Court while 170 were recommended for release for lack of evidence.

Ms. Onuegbu also said the charges had been served on the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria, who would be defending the suspects in court.

Efforts are being made by the military to move the inmates whose charges were ready to a safe location before the commencement of their trial, she added.

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