Cleric Task Nigerians On Peace

The senior pastor of Help from above Healing and Deliverance Ministry worldwide, Pastor Godwin Ube has called on Nigerians to use the Word of God and the light from it to attune their heart to be at peace with God and one another.

Pastor Ube made the appeal during his Sermon via Facebook.

Pastor Ube who spoke on the topic “The benefits of having a merit heart” from prov 17- 22 from the the holy Bible described a merit heart as a heart is renovated to fine-tune our life. 

The senior pastor who explained that a merit heart is the heart that has undergone surgery added that It also promotes good health. Jeremiah 33-6.

He stated that the way a person thinks can either directly affects the organ of the body or increase happiness in the person’s life.

“Everybody wants to be happy yet so many people are unhappy, some attach their happiness to external  factors they cannot control”

Pastor Ube who said in any aspect of life one who has a merry heart perform better than one who is troubled in spirit adding that a positive mind outshine a negative mind in all endeavour.

“If you want to be among the wisest and enjoy life cultivate a merry heart proverb 15-16  .

He explained that a merit heart brightens faces, create positive thinking that makes one beautiful and look attractive.

“A merit heart makes people smile at each other and see the bright side of life, thereby bringing out the inner beauty outwardly”.

“People with positive mindset live longer than people with negative mind set if you want to live long avoid worry, stress tension”

“The direction of your thought determines the direction of your life. A man’s life usually follows the direction of his thought”

“Hence, a negative thought pattern breeds a negative life and positive thought pattern enhances positive life.

“A blank mind, therefore, is the reason for a blank life. When the heart is empty, life is also empty”

Pastor Ube appealed to Nigerians to live with a merry heart in order to enjoy the blessings of God to the fullness.

He urged Nigerians to believe that despite the challenges facing the nation, victory is sure.

The Pastor pointed out that though the nation might be clouded with darkness, confusion and different challenges, at the end, it shall be great again.

Pastor Ube also urged Nigerians to rise above ethnicity and religious sentiment, and see one another as one..

Georgina Humphrey

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