Kogi bans tricycles, motorcycles from operating on highways

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Kogi State government has banned motorcycles and tricycles from plying the highway, Lokoja municipality and the city centre, and would henceforth punish any rider on the federal roads that transverse the state.

Commissioner for Transportation, Baron Okwori in an exclusive chat with ait.live in Lokoja said government took the decision to put a stop to incessant accidents leading to deaths of citizens on the federal highways.

The first reaction that greeted the news of government’s restriction of the operation of Okada and Keke napepe riders as they are fondly called was the fact that, some residents misunderstood the restriction order to a total ban on their operations.

But that is not the case as Kogi State’s commissioner for Transportation; Baron Okwo provided an explanation for government’s restriction order. The Transport commissioner outlined the areas and spots on the restriction list within Lokoja.

Instead of restricting the operations of these essential service providers, some residents want the state government to construct more roads and bypass within the state capital.

Although, executives of motorcycle and tricycle riders associations are not willing to speak on the issue as they have divided opinion on the matter, the state government has however constituted a tax force and a mobile court that will try violators when the enforcement starts from 17th of January, 2022.

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