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Kwara PVC collection Report


By Rasheedat Iliyas – Ilorin

The Independent National Electoral Commission in Kwara State has taken custody of the last batch of Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs.

The Resident Electoral Commissioner Mallam Garba Attahiru Madami confirmed this in an exclusive interview with Radio Nigeria at the INEC State Office in Ilorin.

The Resident Electoral Commissioner, Mallam Garba Attahiru Madami stated that the PVCs were being sorted to confirm their number and afterwards taken to the various Local Government Areas for collection by their respective owners.

“I am happy today because the last batch of PVCs we are expecting, especially for new registrants and those that transferred, just arrived today. And the collection process has been so good, especially in those large areas like Baruten in fact, people in queue. I had to go to Ilorin-West myself, I saw over two hundred people in the queue, but it was well organized. And I asked everybody to be patient.

Everybody will receive his PVC before election. Then from the sixth to fifteenth of January we are going to now move to the registration areas where we now called ward. Moving to the wards will make it closer to the people.”

Mallam Attahiru Madami called on registered voters who are yet to claim their PVCs to do so in earnest and urged political parties to mobilize for PVC collection.

The Kwara State Resident Electoral Commissioner added that officials at the local government offices have also been mandated to meet with Stakeholders within their domain next week Monday for adequate mobilisation for PVC collection.

“The political parties always make this mistake of allowing INEC to do the adverts, the sensitization, but at the end of the day who are the beneficiaries of the vote? It’s the political parties! They are the one to mobilize people to go and collect their PVCs. But they will leave the job for us. So I have asked my EOs, (Electoral Officers), to go back on Monday, all of them, to hold that stakeholders meeting. Apart from just political parties, the traditional rulers, the elders in the locality can also for people to go and collect their cards because you can only participate in this electoral process if you have a PVC.

Without a PVC, forget about voting. I learned that some people even buying PVCs. They are wasting their money, you can’t vote twice, it’s not possible. You can’t vote twice! One man, one vote; One woman, one vote.”

At some of the INEC local government offices visited, prospective voters were seen seated around, while are standing as officials come out intermittently to call out names of people whose PVCs have been found.

Some of the registered voters however complained that the process is time consuming and want INEC to deploy more staff to fast track it.

“I did my correction in April this year, so I was given information that I should come in December this year to collect. So when I was here yesterday, I couldn’t because the machine has already been shut down by 2pm. So I had to come today again. So today, we dropped our papers, they carried it inside but up till now, at least my own, I have not received anybody to come and call me that it is ready, I should come and collect. So, I’m still waiting.”

“If the staff are not enough, I’m encouraging them to employ more people so that it will not cause any delay. You know, the election is nearby, so that people that are eligible will be able to collect their PVCs and vote.”

As at December 2nd, the number of uncollected permanent voter cards is one hundred and fourteen thousand,

This of course is in addition to the newly received voter cards that are still being sorted.

It is expected that the number of uncollected PVCs will reduce significantly in the coming days when collection will be done at the ward level.

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Written by Binta Nuan

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