Many Students Injured As Security Operatives Clamp Down On Protesters In UNIMAID

Many female were reportedly injured after security men clamp down on students protesters at the University of Maiduguri on Tuesday.

The students were said to have embarked on a peaceful protests over the sudden hike on their tuition fees by the management of the institution.

One of the students who chose to be anonymous because of the fear of persecution, said that that the protest began on Monday when many students from the female hostels joined their colleagues to register their displeasure over the bad living conditions in the school, when security operatives stormed the scene, to arrest many students.

“Many students took to their heels and as a result many were injured while unspecified numbers of them were taken to the security office where they were locked up in the cell.

“Those who took part in the protest had their identification cards seized and evicted from their hostels by the management,”she said.

She explained that “Things took an ugly turn on Tuesday when more angry female students came out to protest over lack of electricity which resulted to poor availability of water in the institution.

Some of them were also demanding for the immediate release of their colleagues who their claimed were arrested and kept under the security custody.

One of the victim said, “I was attacked and harassed by security men while the protest was going on, they almost stript me naked. I was also locked in the school security officrr over fighting for my right.

“While at the school prison, I saw sick female students who were really tortured by the institution security men, they took our ID cards, torture us because we were protesting for our rights.

“Am highly disappointed in University of Maiduguri management board, what wrong have we committed by protesting for the decrease of tuition fees and requesting for improvement for light and water.”she said.

Responding, Prof A. M. Gimba
Dean of Students, warned that the University Management will deal decisively with anybody who tries to breach the peace on campus.

Gimba who gave the warning in a statement said that the University Management was observing the current situation with keen interest.

He said that Management will not tolerate any unwanton behavior by our students or intruders who are not students but whose intention is to destabilize the activities of the University especially considering that serious minded students are busy with their lectures in preparation lor end of semester examinations.

“Consequent upon this eftorts have already been put in place to address issues
raised especially those on security and power supply.

“Regarding those suspended from the hostel, they will return as soon as investigation is concluded. Student are therefore advised to be of good behavior and avoid any act that may lead to creating chaos on the campus.


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