National Orientation Agency Charges Nigerians To Respect National Symbols

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By Yusuf Abdulkadir – Ilorin

As Nigeria commemorates the 2020 National Ordinance Day, citizens have been urged to treat our National Symbols with utmost respect, shun hate speeches and remain patriotic to their fatherland.

Kwara State Director of National Orientation Agency, Mr Olusegun Adeyemi gave the admonition in a statement issued by the Public Relations Officer of the Agency, Rapheal Adeyemi.

Mr Adeyemi explained that the National Ordinance day is also aimed at imparting in the consciousness of Nigerians, the correct features such as shape, texture, and color of National Symbols which include the Nigerian flag, the National Anthem, the National pledge, Coat of Arms, the Nigerian Constitution, the Naira, Portrait of Mr. President, the Nigerian International Passport and the National Identity Card.

He further urged Nigerians to respect the currency by refusing to crumple or write on it and respect the Nigerian flag by refusing to burn it in protest as well as endeavour to use the 2nd stanza of the national anthem as the opening prayer in any official ceremony.

Mr Adeyemi also noted that the appropriate flag (which is not sewn) and other national symbols such as the Coat of Arms and Mr. President’s Portrait can be obtained at any National Orientation Agency office in the country.

The NOA Director therefore reminded fellow Nigerians that the change we want in Nigeria can only be brought about when we all work and live together as brothers; shun every act of violence and when we do not engage in verbal and physical attacks due to our different ethnic and tribes.

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