Tambuwal Makes An appeal To NASS Regarding Free And Fair Election

Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal of Sokoto state has appealed to members of the National Assembly to ensure the inclusion of electronic voting and transmission in the electoral amendment bill in a bid to achieving Free and fair elections in the country.

Tambuwal said he was speaking as a former speaker and member of the National Assembly stressed that allowing INEC to use electronic voting without the electronic transmission could be counterproductive.

According to him, the international community, INEC, the entire civil society, and almost all the political parties are in support of the electronic transmission of votes.

The former speaker said INEC has demonstrated and assured that it has the technology to transmit votes electronically even without the Internet.

Tambuwal cited examples of the Edo and Ondo States elections where electronic transmission of votes cast clearly revealed the voter’s wishes.

He added that once results are announced from the collation center, any person can monitor without any human error.


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