Trump’s false crusade rolls on despite devastating Supreme Court rebuke

The only questions now are how many more times President Donald Trump wants to lose the election to President-elect Joe Biden and whether his Republican acolytes on Capitol Hill will wake up and recognize reality.Trump’s dangerous delusions about a stolen election represent the most overt attempt in modern history by a President to overthrow the will of the voters. But they have reached the point of no return after the conservative-majority Supreme Court largely crushed what remaining hallucinatory hopes Trump harbored of reversing his defeat.

The Court’s devastating first response to the post-election fray sent a clear signal that the top bench disdains frivolous and long-shot cases already witheringly rejected by lower courts.The denial of Pennsylvania Republicans’ request to block the certification of their state’s results, for which there were no noted dissents, was a humiliating repudiation of Trump’s fundamental misunderstanding that three justices that he installed on the Court would swing him a disputed election. It also showed that evidence-free conspiracy theories might thrill the President’s base and his media propagandists, but they don’t cut it in court.”The jig is up. The President of the United States has no other recourse,” said Laura Coates, a former federal prosecutor and CNN’s senior legal analyst.Biden’s spokesman Mike Gwin said: “This election is over. Joe Biden won and he will be sworn in as President in January.”

The Supreme Court weighed in just hours after the President’s latest illusory claims that he won the election, prevailed in swing states and was the victim of a massive, orchestrated operation by Democrats to defraud the electorate.”Hopefully the next administration will be the Trump administration, because you can’t steal hundreds of thousands of votes,” the President said, spooling off multiple lies on Tuesday about the election result.

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